End of treatment.

End of treatment. Persistent effectiveness after one year Actair by a second treatment – free year Followed DemonstratedOnce known positive results for the first year of the phase IIb / III clinical study on Actair triggered sublingual allergen immunotherapy tablets in allergic rhinitis due to house dust mites in April 2009, Stallergenes SA announces the results of the second year of this study.

Stalair is the name of the pharmaceutical and clinical development program for immunotherapy tablets which implemented by Stallergenes with a view to obtaining marketing approval for pharmaceutical products in Europe and in other strategic markets. Continue reading

Injection Vaccine Combo Tested for Pancreatic CancerMore than 42.

Despite advances in surgery, chemotherapy and radiation So researchers are being investigated at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey , the development of a series of vaccine injections to see if they will against pancreatic cancer against pancreatic cancer. CINJ is a Center of Excellence of UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. There has been a number of years of studies by scientists CINJ and elsewhere, that inhibit the presence of tumor in the body ‘s immune system can actively recognize and destroy out this same base tumors known -. Studies on mouse models CINJ have shown this blockade of immunity also prevents the cancer. Tional cancer vaccines from the production of a good response..

Traditionally, vaccination treatment is always administered away from the affected area. In recent years, technology far enough so that we investigate can of injection directly into the tumor, said Dr. Ben-Menachem. It is my hope, and that the investigative team here at CINJ that we will will be able to collect enough data us us to the next stage of the research will. It is only through such study that we be able to learn more about the process and to improve the treatment of pancreatic cancer. . On the 19th May 2009, a German competition Court for an injunction for Medtronic against DFine Europe GmbH forego.. Tamir Ben-Menachem, a gastroenterologist at CINJ, director of endoscopy and associate professor of medicine at UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, is an investigator on the research team, the endoscopy is performed. Continue reading

Q: When my eighth family member or friend is on anxiety medication.

Q: When my eighth family member or friend is on anxiety medication, what side effects should I?Answer: The side effects of anxiety medication refer to the specific group of drugs that are used. SSRIs, eg nausea, insomnia, headaches, sexual dysfunction or weight gain – and in some cases, people report that an increase in an increase in increased sweating increased sweating. SNRIs may on the other hand cause dry mouth, constipation, difficulty with sleep, and also some specific side effects that may relate to certain SNRIs..

Effexor may, for example, increases the diastolic blood pressure, and so carefully carefully considered when Effexor in hypertensives. Cymbalta, on the other hand, can do what. We orthostatic hypotension, which essentially always dizzy when you call for emergency witness stand Patients should be informed of these side effects and serious side effects such as liver toxicity which may occur with Cybalta be warned. Continue reading