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Apologizing Maisie spilled soda on her behalf friends borrowed outfit.

If you did something you knew was wrong — like telling a lie or breaking a guideline on purpose. If you didn’t do something you were likely to do — like keeping a guarantee or a curfew. Everyone needs to apologize if they take action wrong. By carrying out the proper thing and saying I’m sorry, parents and additional adults set an example. This is how kids figure out how to apologize when they need to. Does Apologizing Repair Everything? Sometimes a heartfelt I am sorry fixes everything right away. Other times, it might take a while for someone to see through feeling upset. You may want to supply the other person a while. Even after you state you’re sorry, you may still feel bad in what you said or did — nevertheless, you can feel good about apologizing, fixing the mistake, or making up your mind to do better. Continue reading