The scholarly study appears in the Might problem of Diabetes Care.

It’s in a group of people who are already at risk, but the CAC level actually rather significantly differentiates risk between people within this risky group. This finding could have novel scientific implications.’ Diabetes is connected with many other medical complications, Bowden said, therefore identifying a method to determine who’s at highest risk and who needs the most intensive medical monitoring and treatment is especially essential.Peter Wernicki, medical advisor to the United States Lifesaving Association. ‘That is probably probably the most common techniques people who are relatively great swimmers die from drowning.’ CBS This Morning Drowning: The real signs a swimmer can be in danger CBS News’ Don Dahler reports on drowning – – the next most common cause of accidental death in kids aged 14 and young – – and how to preven. Breath-holding contests are a common cause of this type of drowning, wellness officials said in the CDC’s May 22 problem of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Survey. Swimmers submerge and try to hold their breath for so long as possible, usually remaining motionless.