Bad medicine gets a whole lot worse: 16.

But the truth that study is being permitted to happen raises some serious queries about the credibility of the medical scientists and the strategy of Western medicine generally which includes as its simple tenant: 1st, do no harm. They are powerful chemical substances, and injecting them into 16,000 patients appears to be a very poor method to honor that fundamental tenant of medication. Let’s face it: they are 16,000 guinea pigs who are getting put through a treatment produced up of medications that we know possess failed.In order to accomplish that, doctors must perform a molecular analysis of tumor materials from biopsies. This will benefit patients, nonetheless it changes the whole diagnostic workup and requires some noticeable modification in the thinking about oncologists, including nearer co-operation between the various disciplines: interventional pulmonologists, pathologists, biologists, oncologists, he said. Scientists around the globe are probing the genetics of cancers with the purpose of identifying new targets for customized treatment. These projects, like the International Malignancy Genome Consortium, mean that testing for mutations in tumors will become routine.