According to a new survey from the National Commission upon Health and Vision.

Marshall, O.D., M.P.H., Vice President for Diversity, Collateral, & Multicultural Affairs at Indiana University. ‘Clear and comfortable vision is vital for learning, and the country would become well-served to ensure children’s eye exams are accessible and required.’ Provided the data surrounding this public wellness crisis, the Commission recommends firms at the federal, state and local levels collaborate with academia, business, providers and the public to make a comprehensive child vision care system to make sure all kids are assessed for potential eyes and vision complications before entering school and through the entire school years.In the meantime, it says women want updated and transparent information about the benefits and harms of screening to help them make educated choices.

The advent of chromosomal microarray analysis, also called comparative genome hybridization means that it is easier than ever before to spot genetic disorders in small children. Virginia Hughes reported last month in Nature Medicine how insurance firms are reluctant to cover these analyses for young children credited to their more expensive. In the July issue of Fertility and Sterility, Santiago Munne and his colleagues at Reprogenetics, a private laboratory based in New Jersey, make the full case for executing CGH on IVF embryos as youthful as three days old.