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And dont pull punches.

Just what exactly thenshouldwe do? Detoxify weighty metals continually, daily. Here’s one fairly inexpensive, effective method that’s fairly simple to do every day – – consuming chlorella and cilantro as often as feasible. Chlorella: superfood and detox comboChlorella’s detox abilities have been tested in several nations, including Russia.A test of 350 foundry workers in Russia demonstrated that chlorella not merely removed specific metals involved with foundry work: it removed all heavy metals. Chlorella is an algae comprised of one cells no larger than 10 microns. It is cultivated in new water ponds subjected to sunlight easily, but the cell walls are so tough thattheir detox and nutrients abilities are hardly bioavailable. That is where the processing comes in, butnot with heat, chemicals or other additives; the processing necessary involves breaking the cell walls with a special milling process or quick pressure change technique. Continue reading

Dementia and diabetes.

Three-dimensional perception was achieved with active 3D glasses. The visualisation of versions required a Silicon Graphics Onyx Infinite Reality Monster supercomputer. The extensive study group MOVING that designed this environment in the framework of the Visualisation, Virtual Actuality and Graphic Interaction Centre of the UPC and the University of Girona offers it as a service for establishments and businesses, for training and dissemination and for the immersive inspection of 3D digital models. It also offers the possibility of tailoring this technology to particular requirements. Continue reading