Bird flu about Saskatchewan farm outcomes in culling of 50.

Bird flu about Saskatchewan farm outcomes in culling of 50,000 chickens The Canadian Meals Inspection Company says chickens infected with an extremely pathogenic H7N3 strain of avian influenza on a farm in Saskatchewan have all been destroyed. Any risk of strain may be the same one which triggered an outbreak in 2004 in British Columbia that led to 17 million hens being destroyed, nonetheless it isn’t considered a risk to humans malegra ingredients . As much as 50,000 hens had been culled on the farm, which is normally 40 kilometres of Regina north, using skin tightening and gas; their carcasses have already been buried in a remote control section of the farm where regular decomposition of the bird carcass evidently successfully deactivates the avian influenza virus, which can be an approved disease control and biocontainment measure.

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