Checklist to stay active and healthy in summer The summer is a great season for getting in shape.

* Don’t forget the insect repellent. Bring insect repellent containing thirty % to 35 % DEET. Insect repellents decrease the chances of infection with insect-transmitted diseases such as for example malaria and dengue fever. Make use of a bed net during the night in case you are in a malaria region. * remember to include important first-aid products Also. Your travel bag would not be total without sunscreen, antibacterial gels or wipes, and first-aid supplies such as Band-Aids, antibiotic and disinfectant ointment.Tired of all of the cancer-causing items like KFC fried poultry buckets for the remedy and alcohol consumption donning pink ribbon labels, the general public is starting to say, enough will do. The cancer industry isn’t thinking about curing cancerAs we’ve said numerous occasions before, the cancer market, which includes cancer groupings like Komen, is merely big business posing as humanitarian efforts really. These groups aren’t thinking about actually preventing cancers and closing its reign of terror, because then your multi-billion-dollar malignancy treatment and cancer treat fundraising industries would dry out completely. This is why groupings like Komen continue steadily to insist that apparent cancer-causing chemical substances such as for example bisphenol-A , the infamous plastics chemical, aren’t a reason behind cancer, despite the fact that science says otherwise ( Komen also provides inadequate guidelines for females on breast cancer avoidance in the areas by failing woefully to warn them of carcinogens in typical cosmetics, for example, or that long-term contact with fluoridated water can donate to breast cancer.