According to a new study published on-line in the journal Radiology.

Ruptured mind aneurysms occur in around 30, 000 Americans every year and are fatal in about 40 % of cases. Of these who survive, about two-thirds suffer some long term neurological deficit. Given just what a devastating event a ruptured mind aneurysm is, we have become motivated to recognize the real risk factors for rupture, said the study's lead author, J. Pablo Villablanca, M.D., chief of diagnostic neuroradiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, LA.An given details leaflet had no effect on the main outcomes. Compared with no present of antibiotics, additional strategies did not alter cough duration or other primary outcomes. Compared with the immediate antibiotic group, somewhat fewer individuals in the delayed and control groups used antibiotics , fewer patients were ‘very happy’ , and fewer patients believed in the effectiveness of antibiotics . ‘In conclusion, in our patients from main care who offered acute uncomplicated lower respiratory tract infection, the usage of delayed antibiotics or no antibiotics was acceptable, resulted in little difference in period or intensity of symptoms compared with immediate treatment with antibiotics, and substantially reduced both antibiotic use and belief in antibiotics.