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Cmed debuts Timaeus 5 unified eClinical Timaeus and system HotSpot regulatory-compliant eClinical suite Cmed Technology, an eClinical technology company, today unveiled two product previews at two major pharmaceutical conferences. Timaeus 5 adds enhanced usability, prolonged operational features, streamlined investigator and monitor interaction, and expanded reporting features. Cmed Technology unveiled the Timaeus HotSpot also, the industry’s initial portable, regulatory-compliant eClinical suite that combines the power of the Timaeus system with the independence and versatility of a WiFi hotspot female lifespan .

The healing process is commonly much slower, and other chronic wound healing studies usually use a 12-16 week treatment period.’ Furthermore to Dr. Chronic wounds represent probably the most significant unmet medical needs in the world today. The Stage 2 data support our conviction that CoDa’s Gap Junction Modulation technology reaches the forefront of a potential paradigm shift in how exactly we treat patients with venous leg ulcers and additional chronic wounds. With our clinical development program mapped out, we are poised to contribute a significant improvement in the product quality and price of wound healing for these sufferers along with the U.S. Healthcare system. We look forward to our upcoming end-of-Phase 2 ending up in the FDA, and we shall share the facts of our future development plans.’..