Atritech to initiate confirmatory research of WATCHMAN LAA Closure Device Atritech.

David Holmes, presented 1350 individual years of follow-up data from the PROTECT AF medical trial at the annual ACC conference in Atlanta.S. And today has over 420 individuals implanted. The adoption of the WATCHMAN technology in marketplaces outside of the united states has been largely because of the compelling data within the PROTECT AF scientific trial. While those ads are provocative, NPR asks if they portray Canadian health care. Canada has a universal health care system that’s paid for through taxes and sales tax. All Canadians are protected, and they can easily see any doctor they want in the country without copays or deductibles anywhere. U.S. Even though the individual provinces and territories set their overall health budgets and administer the ongoing health plans, the delivery of health care is private.In addition to Dr. Chronic wounds represent one of the most significant unmet medical requirements in the world today. The Phase 2 data support our conviction that CoDa’s Gap Junction Modulation technology reaches the forefront of a potential paradigm change in how we treat sufferers with venous leg ulcers and other chronic wounds. With this clinical development program mapped out, we are poised to contribute a major improvement in the quality and price of wound healing for these patients along with the U.S.