Cancer screening common among seniors: Necessary?

Many docs are ordering these test purely to cover themselves, Brawley told HealthDay. We have to take into account the rational make use of of healthcare and stop talking about the rationing of healthcare. .. Cancer screening common among seniors: Necessary? Why are so many older Us citizens getting screened for cancer every year? Despite patients recommendations which recommend against routine screening for adults over 75, a new study suggests most elderly adults are screened frequently for breast, cervical, prostate, and cancer of the colon.Efforts to mitigate the problem in a few areas are having a minimally positive impact, admits the record. But groundwater levels continue steadily to decline to record-low levels in some regions of the valley, and for that reason, the magnitudes and rates of property subsidence documented by this scholarly study should be expected to continue. Water district pond projects helping some, but water source still an presssing issue throughout state The fifth in a series of USGS studies on land subsidence, this latest report can be an eye-opener into the water supply issues that California continues to face. Much of the area where the surface is sinking relies on water coming in from the Colorado River, which is no longer supplying the amounts needed because of drought.