And sense of social connectedness to greatly help them maintain mental wellness and health?

Annual Depression on University Campuses Meeting to be kept March 7-8 How can college students pull upon their own strengths, resilience, and sense of social connectedness to greatly help them maintain mental wellness and health? Researchers, college students and U-M community members will discuss this relevant issue at the annual Despair on College Campuses Conference, held March 7-8. The meeting – which is usually marking its 10th anniversary – features workshops and sessions focused on reframing the dialogue about mental wellness on university campuses by emphasizing the importance of student strengths in avoiding depression. For ten years, the conference has been a forum for experts, school counselors, academic advisors and others from across the country to discuss the latest findings and practices related to the prevention of depression during the high-stakes college years ?polycystic ovarian syndrome facts .

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