The course of drug addiction frequently ends badly.

After all, the course of drug addiction frequently ends badly. The negative consequences of drug abuse appear on Television regularly, from stories of celebrities behaving in socially inappropriate and self-destructive methods while intoxicated to dramatization of the rigors of drug withdrawal on Intervention and other reality shows. Universities educate college students about the risks of addiction now. While having a keen awareness of the bad long-term repercussions of compound use protects some people from developing addictions, others remain vulnerable.Our goal is to possess this technology inside our laboratories this year 2010. Canary Foundation’s purpose is to provide over our current portfolio of markers that amount in the dozens and apply and test these samples using the magneto-nanosensor to predict tumor at the earliest possible stage.

The study, a joint effort by scientists at MassGeneral Medical center for Kids and the Johns Hopkins University College of Medicine, involved 40 teenage boys and young men, ages 13 to 27, with moderate to severe autism.