First lady Michelle Obama invited a number of people to sit with her during the presidents address.

And, he discovered one – – a paper sensor that detects pancreatic cancer tumor in its early phases – – 28 times quicker and much less expensively than other things. Andraka said he developed the idea when he was simply 14 years outdated in his senior high school biology class. Last year’s grand prize at the world’s biggest senior high school science reasonable was just the beginning. On Monday, a call was got by him from the White Home. ‘First I believed it was just fundraising,’ he said. Instead, it was an invitation to the Condition of the Union and a chance to consult with the president. Andraka recalling the discussion with the president stated, ‘ I was being asked by him, ‘Did you get yourself a patent on this, are you talking with different companies?” Andraka’s mother Jane Andraka said, ‘I by no means thought he’d arrive to the White colored House, to the Condition of the Union and provide his mom and dad.At the same time, mammograms fail to catch tumors that are in fact harmful often, leaving many women who thought they were covered stricken with advanced cancers that are difficult to cure using regular methods. And on top of that, these same women possibly face having to deal with leukemia and other conditions as well, which are often caused as a direct result of getting mammograms. ‘Despite substantial raises in the amount of cases of early-stage breast tumor detected, screening mammography has only reduced the price at which females present with advanced cancers marginally,’ wrote the authors in their conclusion.