CVS Caremark adds Access MuGard to pharmacy benefit network Gain access to Pharmaceuticals.

CVS Caremark adds Access’ MuGard to pharmacy benefit network Gain access to Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , a biopharmaceutical firm leveraging its proprietary drug-delivery platforms to build up treatments in regions of oncology, cancers supportive diabetes and treatment, announced that its lead item for oral mucositis, MuGard, has been put into CVS Caremark’s pharmacy benefit network female viagra sildenafil . CVS Caremark may be the largest pharmacy doctor in the United States. .

CVRx gets CE Mark acceptance to expand labeling of Barostim neo System as MR Conditional CVRx, Inc. By enabling access to MRI scans, the expanded labeling shall benefit patients receiving Barostim Therapy for heart failure or resistant hypertension. ‘This approval has the potential to benefit many patients and their health care providers as MRI is critical in the analysis of serious conditions which can occur in the populations served by Barostim Therapy. We are pleased to enable access to this diagnostic choice for our current and upcoming patients,’ said Nadim Yared, CEO of CVRx.