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Based on the dialogue with the FDA.

This review is normally on track, with a potential acceptance in Europe in the first quarter of 2011. The up to date corporate overview for ChemGenex is usually on the company’s website.. ChemGenex agrees with FDA on potential regulatory path to progress OMAPRO for CML ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Small announced today it has agreed with the U.S. Based on the dialogue with the FDA, ChemGenex intends to combine data from its two pivotal research, Study 202 and Research 203, and post a New Drug Program for OMAPRO for those patients with CML who have failed prior treatment with two or more currently approved tyrosine kinase inhibitors . The proposed indication of the new NDA will become for the treating CML patients who’ve failed several TKIs, regardless of their mutation status. Related StoriesProtein-coding gene identified as tumor suppressor for severe myeloid leukemiaPenn study forms basis for new treatment methods for Sezary syndromeYK-4-279 compound functions against some types of leukemia: Study’The FDA’s agreement a combined data set could serve as the foundation of an NDA in a third-series setting provides us with a pathway to an expanded indication for OMAPRO to treat CML patients who are resistant to at least two TKIs,’ stated Adam Craig, MD, Chief Medical Officer of ChemGenex. Continue reading

Or from tainted prescription drugs.

Antibiotics Kill Eighty Thousand Chinese a Year In the event that you hear of a large number of people dying in a single year from medications, you might automatically think the deaths were probably because of overdoses of addictive and unlawful substances like heroin or methamphetamines, or from tainted prescription drugs. But in China, 80,000 people are dying annually from legal medications frequently inaccurately regarded as a cure-all against attacks – – antibiotics. Chinese doctors recently developed that startling amount after investigating the deaths of 200,000 Chinese citizens Cialis gelĂ©e en ligne australie . Continue reading