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The use of thrombolytic agents is the only method designed for treatment to time currently, irrespective of its serious secondary damages to the ischemic human brain. Abrupt blood reperfusion pursuing dissolution of blood coagulum not only generates ROS radicals that lead to cytotoxic and inflammatory damages to tissues and cells. For these reasons, inhibition of ROS generation and promotion of ROS degradation provides been recommended as a focus on for treatment of ischemic stroke. To day, neurons have mainly been studied as targets of drug development for the treatment of ischemic stroke, but astrocyte activity and recovery are also important target for ischemic stroke since astrocytes occupy the highest portion of brain cells and help neuroprotection and fix, irrespective of their glial scar formation recognized to prohibit axonal regeneration.SnoreZip is another extremely practical option to end snoring. What is SnoreZip? SnoreZip is a product those plagued and bothered with snoring should try. And as much might know it isn’t easy to get rid of the snoring. There is a new and effective product on the market that claims to put an end to the snoring that has received much interest. SnoreZip can be a purely homeopathic spray treatment to get rid of the snoring nightmare and enable you to get yourself a good night rest. The product uses the purely natural ingredients to thin the heavy mucus which blocks airways in the sleeper thus leading to snoring.