Dark brown has sought to eliminate Healthy Families.

California budget triggers problems about health care safety net The shift of patients from the state’s Healthy Families program into Medi-Cal has caused questions from some health advocates. Sacramento Bee: Democrats Still Attempting To Protected Support For California Spending budget Since taking office, Dark brown has sought to eliminate Healthy Families, which gives low-cost care to 880,000 children in functioning poor households that absence health insurance. Brown has argued that publicly insured patients should be in Medi-Cal as matter of efficiency and to get rid of the challenges patients encounter when switching between Medi-Cal and Healthy Households as their family members income fluctuates ?time tested and approved .

California drought dries up lake overnight, killing thousands of fish It really is a phenomenon that is as worrying since it is mysterious. In recent days, a reservoir in Northern California overnight ran completely dry, killing thousands of fish and leaving citizens looking for answers as to what might have happened. CBS Sacramento reported that as a $3.5 million drought back-up is completed at Folsom Lake, one in another right area of the drought-plagued state goes dry. Now, the neighborhood affiliate reported, thousands of fish are lifeless in what used to become Mountain Meadows reservoir, that was referred to as Walker Lake also, a popular fishing site just west of Susanville.