Chemotherapy causes widespread DNA damage in leukemia individuals.

Chemotherapy causes widespread DNA damage in leukemia individuals; multiplies future risk Chemotherapy is a barbaric form of medicine, and new research is showing that even though it is called a success by western doctors, it is destroying patients’ health by severely compromising their immune systems . How? By causing massive DNA harm that greatly multiplies individuals’ risk of being identified as having leukemia and other illnesses later in life.

Because the data was from 1979, the previous staging system was used. The authors point out that also, ‘more sufferers experienced a node involvement in the chemotherapy group, indicating that physicians may have provided chemotherapy to patients with more advanced disease.’ However, no conclusion could be made because of the, ‘small populace examined in this research, its retrospective character, the difference in follow-up between your two groupings and the heterogeneity of the mixed remedies.’ The authors point out that due to the rarity of the population, a prospective trial is unlikely to be feasible and these retrospective data may be of value..