A North Indian traditional design of singing.

Classical singing compared to traditional Indian singing to find treatment for speech disorder MU scientist compares classical singing to traditional Indian singing to come across speech disorder treatmentHindustani singing, a North Indian traditional design of singing, and classical singing, such as the music of Puccini, Wagner and Mozart, vary greatly in technique and sound les usages . Now, speech-language pathology researchers at the University of Missouri are comparing both styles in hopes of finding a treatment for laryngeal tremors, a vocal disorder associated with many neurological disorders that may bring about severe communication difficulties. Sound is created in the larynx, an organ situated in the neck. A laryngeal or vocal tremor happens when the larynx spasms during speech, creating a breathy voice having a shifting pitch.


Classmates rally for teen fighting brain-eating amoeba There is an emotional show of support Wednesday for the Houston teenager who is hospitalized with a rare brain-eating amoeba, CBS Houston affiliate KHOU reports. At an athletic event during the first week of college, learners at Cypress Ridge SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL observed a brief moment of silence for their classmate, 14-year-older Michael Riley Jr. I’d like you to raise the hands, said among the coaches through the event. I would like you to state whatever it really is in an instant of silence to your God, requesting strength for Michael.